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Dental Health Month

Have you ever wondered why your vet harps on your dog’s bad teeth? Not only do they look gross and makes your fluffy buddy have bad breath, but harmful bacteria have calcified on the teeth slowly creeping its way into the bloodstream and to the organs..

It has been proven that bad teeth and gingivitis are linked to heart disease. What does that mean for your pet? That means that they may go into congestive heart failure earlier in life, organs like the liver and kidney may shut down

4 Steps on how to make your pet’s life last longer:

1. Regular annual checkups with their veterinarian (INCLUDING blood-work if the pet is over the age of 5!)

2. Regular dental cleanings (Most pets need a dental starting around the age of 5 years old. Those cleanings may need to be done every 12-6 months depending on the severity of the dental disease.)

3. Healthy diet and exercise (For a healthy mouth we suggest feeding a dental food. These specialty foods have a mechanical cleaning action when the dog crunches down on the food.)

4. Lots of LOVE!

Veterinary Dental Health Word Search
Dental Health Word Search

Treat your dogs teeth like your pet's life depends on it!


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