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What is a good weight loss food for dogs?

Does your dog need to shed a few pounds? Depending on their size, even 3lbs can be a critical amount of weight to lose for a dog. Choosing a weight loss food can be difficult for many reasons, but knowing how to read the bag is KEY! Check out our previous article to help you understand the in's and out's of reading the food bags ---> Click Here

Food Type:

Dog food bags can be tricky, so I always check the AAFCO statement FIRST! Many “weight control” or “weight loss” foods can disguise themselves as a helpful food, BUT they may have the nutrition for “All stages of Life” i.e. PUPPY FOOD! That’s the last thing you want if you’re looking for a weight loss food.

If you are looking at a cheaper grocery store type food, I suggest using a “Lite” food. Dog food regulations require a lessened amount of calories per cup which is what you’re looking for in a weight loss food.

Several premium brand dog food companies make weight loss formulas. Check the AAFCO statement to be sure you’re buying a food for adult maintenance. Most premium foods have their weight loss foods formulated for a high fiber and low fat ratio so your dog will need to eat less and still feel full.

Major Factors in weight loss:

A HUGE factor in several overweight dogs is…table scraps! Lunch may have been tasty, but your dog doesn’t need to try it too! Cutting out table scraps can make a huge dent in weight loss. If you absolutely feel that you must give your dog human food, try giving them veggies. If they won’t eat a carrot then they really don’t need a piece of steak fat.

Note: Feeding dogs human food that is high in fat gives them a higher chance of developing pancreatitis which can be deadly!

Know how much to feed! Every dog food bag MUST have a feeding recommendation. Try feeding the recommend amount for how much the dog should weigh. If the dog isn’t losing very much, you can try slowly cutting back the amount to get your dog to an ideal weight.

Are you using a real measuring cup? Not all cups are made equal. Using a measuring cup instead of a drinking cup can ensure that your dog is getting the appropriate amount to eat.


  • ALWAYS check with your vet first to get their recommendation on ideal weight for your dog.

  • Weigh your pet regularly (every 3-4 weeks to see if they are progressing in the right direction).

  • Take before pictures and measurements. You see your pet every day so it can be hard to see the difference when they start slimming down.

  • Slim down the treats. Especially if you haven’t cut out human food yet…make that the first step! Treats are okay as long as they are given in moderation.

  • Increase playtime or exercise to maximize the weight loss efforts.

Still having issues finding the perfect weight loss food? Give us a call at (580)938-2962


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